Taking the initiative to expand your skills in the world’s most useful language is a step that opens a host of opportunities. At INUS Australia we understand the reasons you chose to take that step and offer a pathway to your success. We know you are going rapidly learn with our system designed to provide you with the skills you need and the motivation for doing so. We can send you to your next level of achievement. Learning English is a method to success in business, the workplace, or to educational accomplishment.

Whatever your long term goals, they can be obtained by enrolling into one of our many programmes that lead you to where you want to be. For work, future business or for higher level education, it all starts here at INUS Australia.


INUS Australia proudly delivers education and training programs that focus on developing key skills for all aspects of life be it social, academic or work.

Our core values of inspiration, innovation and integration are infused into every aspect of INUS Australia’s educational programs and services for students. Our mission is to develop inspired, innovated and integrated learning experiences to enable our students to learn effectively and meet their academic and life aspirations.


Teachers at INUS are qualified professionals who care for each individual student’s learning and progress. At INUS, teachers are happy to provide students with advice on their studies and work with them to address their language weaknesses and build upon their strengths. INUS is particularly committed to supporting students to achieve their professional goals, whether it be in General or Academic English.


Our students may have access to a number of further study options with our pathway partners. Inus Australia has agreements with different schools from Bachelor Programs to Vocational Education and Training.


“The school has a rule that students must speak English on the campus. I think conversation is important to improve speaking skills. Even when we were not in Speaking class we did group learning, which gave me a lot of opportunities to practice conversation in every class, I always had a great time in my classes. I made a lot of friends from different countries.
We spoke English together, even outside the school.
I had a reallyenjoyable time with them.”